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Want to Study in Austria?

The structure of upper education in the European nations is analogous to the remainder of Europe. The country provides nice diversity and cultural richness. it’s good expertise each traditionally and culturally. The Australian establishments provide varied programs ranging from research-based courses, art courses, and programs in applied sciences. The economic stability, social insurance, and nice welcome of Austrians are what attracts the international students. The European nation has high standards of living. it’s a thriving business, stunning scenery, and could be a fascinating historical landmark.

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Why Study in Austria?

Austria might be a small country, but it packs a big punch in European education. The country is seen as very safe, with low crime and a good standard of living. Austria is also a cultural hub.

Universities in Austria are highly international in nature, with more than 15% of the total student population coming from overseas. If you study for a degree in Austria you’ll be studying in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, right at the heart of Europe.

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Top Quality Universities

Home to over 380,000 international students

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Tuition Fee

Tuition fees for a year tend to cost around €1000 – €40000 / Year


140,000 international students study Engineering degrees

Where can you study in Austria?

Austria’s capital city Vienna is a popular student destination, not only thanks to its stunning architecture and reputation as one of the world’s most livable cities, but also because it’s home to some of Austria’s best universities.

Elsewhere, the country’s second largest city, Graz, is another popular university city, with Innsbruck and Salzburg also offering great options for international students.

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