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Want to Study in Spain?

Spain has a long tradition of excellence in education, with the first university being set up in the 13th century. It is a popular destination for international students because of its educational system, rich history, and European culture. The Spanish degree and credit structure are widely accepted at higher education institutes.

Spain offers flexible study hours and incorporates advanced technologies in the learning environment. More than 85,000 international students studying in Spain each year.

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Why Study in Spain?

Spain has a long and rich tradition of higher education, and therefore their institutions are consistently well ranked. In the 2018 QS World University Rankings, 11 Spanish institutions are ranked in the top 500. The highest of these is the Universitat de Barcelona, sitting at 156th. Spain offers bachelors and masters degrees in all fields with qualified teaching staff in both public and private institutions.

These degrees are internationally recognized, and the universities are very student friendly. The Spanish lifestyle provides a slow pace of life and the cost of living in Spain is affordable.

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Tuition Fee

Average Tuition fees cost around €1500 – €16000 / Year

Over 1.5 million

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Where can you study in Spain?

Spain’s culture varies from region to region, with different cuisines, customs, and even languages. You could be learning Catalan in Barcelona, enjoy the North African feel of Granada or learn about historical Spain in Madrid. Barcelona is a major city, and is a popular destination for students. Apart from Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, or Valencia is the most popular destination for students.

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