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With numerous courses and universities to decide on from, deciding wherever and what to check abroad is a frightening task. Don’t worry, we have a tendency to square measure here to guide you throughout the whole method. Our intimate with counselors work with you to know your goals and aspirations to assist realize the right suited you. you’ll be able to reach bent on your nearest integrated data processing workplace for a free message session anytime!

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We understand your hesitation if there is one. That is why we have a team of student counsellors which would understand your requirement and provide you with University choices as per your academic background.

Simply provide us the details such as your “Name”, “Email”, “Phone Number” and the “Course” in the registration pane below and we will contact you shortely for a discussion which would cover up your interest, what you wish to achieve from a course and selection of a University.

The same will be followed up with assistance in applying in mutliple colleges/universities of your choice until one day one of our employee would see you in UK.

Yes, all services are free from Confident Learning Solutions.

  • These services include: University and Course Selection, Application Filing & Review, Visa Filing Assistance, Scholarship Assistance, Assistance in getting Education Loans, Pre Departure Orientation, Post Arrival Assistance, Accommodation and Part Time Jobs.
  • We have offices at multiple locations such as New Delhi and London which servces your various needs both in India and United KIngdom.

Our philosophy is to hold your hand and walk you through the application process. You’re the owner of this process – you tell us your likes (and dislikes!), the course that you’re interested in, the university where you’d like to go to – and we’ll guide you throughout.

We can also help you to prepare scholarship applications within your chosen field of study and our deep understanding of this process will come handy when you choose to apply.

You can begin by giving us a call or even better you can visit our office at Connaught Place, New Delhi. Once we understand your requirements we have a point to start from. We assure you that it will be smooth ride all along.

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