Master in Business (MBA)

Do you wish to kick-start your career with skills and knowledge in advanced business skills? MBA can help you transform and equip yourself with essential leadership, business, and management skills. Read on if you plan to study MBA Abroad.

Introduction to studying MBA

You can transform your career with an MBA from a top UK University. Business schools in the UK offer world class MBA programmes that cater to students from different academic levels, backgrounds and budgets. It is here that you will find a true cultural pot — an international mix of students and professors, making business studies a truly global experience.

The world’s best business schools are in the UK, providing world recognized degrees and a gamot of work opportunities for those studying here. Year after year the UK welcomes students from across the globe, thus allowing students to build a network of contacts and experiences from across different cultures and regions.

MBA in the UK is usually a one year programme, while some select Universities even offer two year programmes. Those who wish to study part time can also opt for an Executive MBA programme, which allows them to pursue their career whilst studying.

To keep up with changing times and the digital revolution, a number of Universities across the UK are offering Online MBA courses as well.

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is one of the most popular Master’s degree to study abroad, given the increasing demand for well-educated, global management professionals in various disciplines.

It is an internationally-approved degree that develops skills for professions in business and management. The UK is among the top destinations for international students to study MBA, and they offer a diverse range of MBS specializations.

High-ranking universities offering world-renowned MBA degrees are Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Edinburgh, Bath, Lancaster, Coventry, etc. Most UK Universities have designed their in-depth, industry-oriented MBA programmes to match global standards.


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MBA degrees mould students into career-oriented, competent management professionals who are open to an ever-growing, global industry. Getting an MBA from a reputable UK university can give one an edge over others, as UK’s teaching excellence, industry training and internships are recognized world over.

The most popular MBA specializations are General Management, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Strategy, IT, Entrepreneurship, HRM and Consulting. UK universities also offer niche management majors such as Hospital and Healthcare, Tourism and Hospitality, Transports and Logistics, etc.

Management is essentially the backbone of every industry. It is a stream that has wide scope and suits intellectual and creative minds. Careers in management offer opportunities for intellectual creativity, financial gain, and steady, upward professional advancement.

UK universities have dedicated programs for international students, with excellent placements and career counselling.

MBA graduates often pursue careers in roles specific to their specializations. These posts may include manager consultants, financial analyst, sales directors, operations head, human resource directors, information systems managers and so on.

Upward growth in long-term managerial careers may lead to respectable positions like directors, CFO, COO, etc. Management professionals can also explore promising careers in the public sector, government and private organizations.

Probably the most challenging and popular career opportunity for MBA graduates is entrepreneurship – and has led to the recent boom in start-up innovations. Armed with the know-how of the way businesses run, this path can lead to successful and rewarding careers.

Pursuing MBA from a UK University allows you to earn above the average starting salary. Employment opportunities include business development, management consultancy, marketing, insurance and human resources amongst many others. Statistics show that students who pursued MBA in the UK have been successfully placed with globally renowned companies worldwide.

  • Business development manager
  • Chartered management accountant
  • Corporate investment banker
  • Data analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Project manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Supply chain manager
  • Arbitrator
  • Business adviser
  • Business analyst

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